The Future of Education

Complete online system for IB DP Schools, teachers and students.

Unlocking Student Potential
EdQwest allows students to learn at their own pace and frees teachers' time to focus on what truly matters.

Empowering Teachers

EdQwest enables teachers to focus more on critical thinking based discussions, while automating the rest.
Create digital and paper assignments in a few clicks
Grade assignments and track student progress
Access a rich question bank
Run a flipped class
Video Library
15-minute videos covering the full IB DP syllabus of Maths AA & AI, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Business Management and more.




Product Life Cycle
Business Management, Marketing




States of Matter
Chemistry, Stoichiometry




Biology, Photosynthesis




Area Under Linear Functions
Maths AA, Calculus





Learning On Demand

EdQwest enables students to learn at their own pace, using the tools they like most.
Micro-learning using 15-minute videos
Quiz generation for self-assessment
Student-only question bank

Question Banks

Separate question banks for teachers and students containing 10,000+ questions.
Assignments, revision, evaluation of progress - all at the click of a button.
Technological advances will disrupt how we teach and learn. The future of education will be transformed in ways we cannot even imagine. But, EdQwest is a new platform of education, informed by the latest technological advances. I am hugely impressed by it and its approach. I am confident it will significantly help students to learn better, and produce better results. In turn, that will increase their chances to get into the best universities.
Professor Abhinay Muthoo
Fellow, National Institute of Economic and Social Research
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